Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Let the fun begin!!!

Finally!!! Rent Rehearsals have begun. On Sunday I could not contain my excitement but I was also very nervous. There were some cast members I had yet to meet and I felt at the time that my vocals weren't as up to par as I had wanted them to be. You know when you feel like your throat has a whole bunch of nasty gunk and stuff in it that you cant quite get rid of especially right at that moment you really need your singing voice and its just slightly being blocked... yeah wasn't a cool feeling but gotta work with what you got (thank God for vocal warm ups).

Once we started I will admit I was thinking the songs were gonna be exactly like what I heard on the Broadway soundtrack but going through La Vie Boheme and Support Group I realized that some of the notes were completely different and that definitely made me look at the musical in a new light and really open my mind to new ways of singing the songs without losing the message or taking away from its originality. I find it so amazing that we as a cast are given the freedom to sing these songs in our own way and put our personality in it but still manage to keep the trueness of Rent that everyone knows and loves.

I absolutely loved singing with this amazing group of people!! Every part of the rehearsal was amazing but one of my favorite parts was singing Support Group. The simplicity and the beauty of us coming together in that amazing harmony was unreal and gave me chills. I could feel the excitement just running in my veins. At that moment I knew I was honestly apart of something so special, something truly real and something out of this world amazing that I have prayed for years to be apart of and now its here. It might still take me a minute to truly realize that im in a show that ive been a fan of for years that ive dreamed of doing and that im surrounded by such talented and kind people. I think this show is gonna kick some butt!!

Get Ready World!! You haven't seen anything yet!!! No Day But Today!!!

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